The nearest snow is sixty miles away from here

The First Four Notes, by way of a slightly unreliable narrator (me) will be on The Diane Rehm Show today. In the words of our unofficial national mantra, check your local listings.

Also, the book has spurred another bit of thoughtfulness, this one courtesy of Eileen Reynolds and the L.A. Review of Books. Concrete and chromium adorn ya!

Raise a glass

Happy 242nd birthday to Ludwig van Beethoven!
It is the process [of creativity] that motivates every human activity, from the Sunday Sermon to the Happy Hour at the local bar. Only the consciousness of the fact differs. If you know it incredibly well you write Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. If you refuse to even consider it, than cocktail hour may be your most important experience. This is not to suggest that Beethoven's cocktail hour might not have been momentous.

—Keith Jarrett (liner notes
for Concerts, 1982)

By the time I get to

A reminder that I will be in Phoenix, Arizona tonight, December 12, at 6:30 PM, talking with T. A. Frank of Zócalo Public Square. (Click that link for details.)

Also, The First Four Notes has recently attracted notice from the Washington Times and Bookforum. Thank you!