"Well, if you're wondering what happened, so am I"

Many, many thanks to the producers—and, of course, the ever-perspicacious pundit of a host—for lending six minutes of television to some full-on, rambling music nerdery. For a brief moment, my life turned into something out of a Jacques Tati movie, which was quite pleasantly surreal.

As of right now, the top comment on this clip comes courtesy of Colbert Nation commenter "lord goll," who writes
Comments on this site are becoming quite ephemeral—just like Beethoven's dating life.
I giggled pretty hard at that.


  1. I saw your presentation on the Colbert Report, and I think I may have finally pinpointed the reason that classical music is dying. The "full-on, rambling music nerdery" is just what our community did not need, and is the last face that we want to present to the general public. I make my living in classical music, and I try every day to make concert music, both new and old, alive and real. Your "nerdery" made me very sad that there are still those that think that this is the manner in which concert music should be presented.
    Hoping we can recover from your nerdery,
    David Whitwell

    1. Hoping we can recover from your nerdery

      Hoping you can recover from thinking about the music community in terms of "we" and "they."

      classical music is dying

      Well, at least we finally can see who's in the will.


    2. Seconded. Classical music has yet to have a death certificate issued.

      Matt, The first four notes are destiny’s ringtone. “Honey? It’s that fate fellow asking for you again!” But you stayed afloat, thanks to Steve’s brilliant repartée.

      I will track down the book very soon!

  2. Just by appearing on Colbert's show, you put classical music in front of a potential new audience. Which is definitely a good thing... Though I must admit that I was shocked that he didn't interrupt you! Hope you get the Colbert bump. :-)

  3. Steven actually sang the first eight notes *on pitch!!* That’s saying something.

    1. The man has skills: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/188875/october-20-2008/wynton-marsalis